Questions to Ask Your Potential London Civil Litigation Solicitors

Getting the best civil litigation solicitors to handle your cases is essential. This is basically a no brainer as we all know that anything that calls for legal procedures, knowledge and skill will require a seasoned and trained professional. Civil litigations, although may not be considered a criminal offense but rather civil wrongs and quasi-contracts, will require the party committing the wrong for either a monetary sum for damages or the completion of a specific performance. In some cases both may be required of the offending party. The processes can be adjudicative or consensual in nature. Now when hiring London civil litigation solicitors, there are a few questions that you might want to ask to ensure that you only get the best.

What is your educational background? It is important to ensure that the professional you are dealing with is someone who has been trained for the job. The very foundation starts with a degree or education further strengthened by continued training.

How long have you been in this profession? Because experience bring with it loads of skill and learning, this also has to be taken into consideration and the length of years for which they have been practicing the profession will matter.

Are you representing a firm or are you practicing on your own? Some litigation solicitors practice on their own while some belong to a firm. It is best if you know who they are representing but essentially there is no necessity here.

What cases have you previously handled? As previously mentioned, experience will matter so you want to know if they have handled similar cases or are specializing in certain matters.

How do you go about schedules and meetings? Hours and days will be spent together with your solicitors so you want to know how reachable they are and how available they will be when you need them.

Just how organized and systematic are you? Most cases require loads of paper work thus you want to determine if they are systematic and organized enough to be able to handle huge amounts of data and documents.

How do you feel about communicating with a tough party? There are cases where dealing with the other parties involved can become tough especially if they are not as cooperative as you wish they’d be. This makes it a must that your civil litigation solicitors need how to effectively communicate well and deal with different kinds of people.

How to Handle Divorce the Right Way

Divorce is nothing new anymore. Sometimes it is better for two individuals to separate rather than aggravate their problems by forcing the situation. Of course no one gets into a marriage hoping to separate later on but when divorce is inevitable, how do you handle it? MHHP Law has the following advice for us.

divorceNo dirty games and tactics. – Avoid any dirty games such as calling up the utility company and cutting off the water or electricity on your spouse’s house. There’s no time for child’s play here and no matter how bad the situation is between the two of you neither should resort to stunts like these.

Act professionally and amicably. – In addition, one should be professional and amicable every time you deal with your spouse and their legal counsels. The same goes during court hearings and other situations that call for both parties. Never use fould language as much as possible. The divorce in itself is emotionally stressful so there is no need to add salt to the injury.

Call the right professionals. – This one is very important as you do not want to go out there all on your own with your guard down. You need a counsel, an attorney, a solicitor or any other legal professional to help you through. Divorce and separation can be trickier than you think it is.

Educate yourself too. – Even with a professional by your side to guide you every step of the way it is still essential that you educate yourself. By simply reading and acquainting yourself with the legalities and the procedures will make a lot of difference.

Think about other parties affected. – In every divorce, the husband and wife aren’t the sole parties affected. You have to think about family too especially your children. This process wouldn’t be easy for them too.

Be sure to have your own copy of legal documents. – Since you will have to deal with a lot of matters, properties and ownerships being two of them, it is essential for you to get a hold of the copies of all your documents and important papers. Everything from the house and lot title to your income tax receipts t your birth certificate, marriage certificate and all.

Don’t talk to the other party without your lawyer’s knowledge. – Lastly, MHHP Law reminds parties involved in a divorce case to avoid meeting up with the opposite camp without their counsel’s knowledge otherwise they might divulge or give off strategies, tactics and important information.


Where and How to Hire a Civil Litigation Solicitor

A civil litigation solicitor is necessary to have when disputes or conflicts arise and a legal matter is set up for play. These individuals are sought after by conflicting parties who instead of imposing criminal charges would rather want to enforce monetary compensations such as fees for fines and damages, the performance of a certain action or both of these. Serious matters like this need the necessary skills and expertise of a legal professional. The law in itself is complex and you cannot just face it all on your own without the right skills and knowledge to back you up.

Now how does one get a civil litigation solicitor? Besides where do you find them? Here are places you might want to consider looking into:

litigatorThe World Wide Web – With today’s technology and the internet, finding anything has been faster and easier with a simple click of a button. You will find hundreds and hundreds of listings and services. The trick here is to know who and what you want specifically. What service are you seeking? Is it a tenant versus landlord dispute or an employment issue? You also have to make ample research and background check on your prospects. Additionally, looking at forums may give you an idea or two.

The Local Directory – The old traditional method goes a long way too. It may not be as convenient as using your computer but still it works. The advantage here is that the options are more directed and localized therefore the solicitors you could find are around own or within a short driving distance.

The Daily Paper – Nothing gets more basic than the daily paper. You can always look into the appropriate sections but don’t brush off the legal and business columns. See if there are any legal professionals noted in news and events or those that are active columnists and contributors themselves.

The Traditional Word of Mouth – Lastly, we have word of mouth. Ask around from office colleagues, neighbors, friends and relatives if they know anyone with exceptional services. Ask about their experience and worries with the said professional. Were they happy or not? Also remember to add in your own brand of research. Just because someone suggested this or that means that they know of service quality well especially if they themselves did not personally experience the skills of the said civil litigation solicitor.

MHHP Law: Explaining Divorce and Marital Separations with Your Children

Divorce and marital separations are not only a financial struggle but more often personal and emotional ones. Besides, no one marries for reason of separation in the first place. It is also important to take note that the couple separating isn’t the only ones affected but those around them are too most especially their children. So how does one make it easier for his or her kids? MHHP Law has the following advice for you to consider and hopefully use.

Explain to them the reason behind the separation. – If your children are big enough to understand then explain to them the reason behind the divorce but be gentle as much as you could but at the same time honest. Also avoid bad mouthing your ex-spouse as you do so. Act like an adult and set a good example.

Assure them that both parents will still be there to support them. – Let them know that even after the separation, both parents will still be there for them no matter what. This gives the kid a sense of security and assurance that they still have a family.

Give them time to understand and piece things together. – Don’t force it on them. Many children would not take it well so give them time to take it in at their own pace. However see to it that they do this in a peaceful and not harmful way. It is also important to explain to them that they are not the cause of separation.

Do everything in your capacity to still be there for them during special occasions. – Whether it is a birthday, a graduation, the holidays or a piano recital, make an effort to both be there for them.

Talk to them and know their sentiments. – It is also highly required that you ask them to talk to you and explain their feelings and sentiments regarding the matter. Communication is important and hearing them out will make them feel loved, appreciated and important.

Take living arrangements fairly between the spouses. – It is also important to allow the child to have communication and contact with your ex-spouse. Living arrangements should also be fair so that the kids would not feel hollow like something is missing or feel as if they are a prize at a giant tug of war. As parents even after a divorce, you should at least be civil if not friendly with each other.

Marital separations and divorce are not easy for children at all so the best thing that divorcing couples could do is to ensure that the kids feel loved and secure. Other than not, the separating couples should take the divorce process professionally and legally according to MHHP Law.


How to Hire a Family Law Solicitor

Family law encompasses a very broad range of cases that deal with family matters and domestic relations in general which include civil unions, marriage, domestic partnerships, surrogacy, adoption and child abuse to name a few. When you need a professional or legal expert such as a family law solicitor to help you in such matters, it is of utmost importance to see to it that the said individuals have the knack for what is to come. In the first place, you are hiring them to help you so they better be of excellent cut.

Now, how exactly do you hire a family law solicitor? Where can you look? What qualities must you look out for? What should you ask? Enumerated below are some tips that you might find useful so read up.

family law solicitorsFirst up: try asking around. Surely someone you know may they be a neighbor, a friend, a relative or an office colleague has had an experience which required them to get the services of such professionals. In such case, asking them for recommendations would help.

Second: make ample research. What if there really is no one to ask any recommendations from or what if there are but they would not suggest that you get those individuals due to bad service experience? Doing your own research may t be through the internet or your local directory would do well too.

Next: do be sure to perform some background checking. Read feedbacks and testimonials. Look up the internet for any information that could help you determine the quality of service of such family law professionals. You can also choose to call them up personally or even meet for an interview.

Fourth: know what makes a family law solicitor tick.  You would expect these individuals to guide, advice, represent and deal for you in legal matters. Therefore you must know what qualities to look out for. Think about: negotiation skills, proper education and background, updated knowledge and continuous training, excellent communication skills, confidence and professionalism to name a few.

Fifth: inquire about past experiences. Try asking about what cases they have handled before. This should give you an idea if they indeed have the experience in matters related to the service you are seeking after.

Lastly: always ask regarding license and certification. Legal professionals such as family law solicitors need not only the ample educational background. They too must be licensed and certified to practice the profession. So always ask regarding this.

What is a Dispute Resolution Service?

Dispute resolution or also referred to as conflict resolution is the process of resolving conflicts between parties by addressing some of each side’s concerns and needs. Dispute resolution services encompass several processes and methods which include lawsuits, meditation, arbitration, collaborative law and negotiation to name a few.

Dispute-resolution-servicesThe processes essentially fall into two major categories, either adjudicative or consensual. Adjudicative processes are those where an arbitrator, judge or jury determines the outcome or final verdict. Falling under this are litigations and arbitrations. On the other hand, consensual processes are those where the conflicting parties themselves attempt to reach an agreement where they themselves determine the outcome. Falling under this category are mediation, collaborative law and negotiation.

Litigations or lawsuits are those that call for the act of bringing a legal action at court. It is a judicial contest that aims to determine and enforce legal rights. For example, if a company hires a construction firm to do their office building and such firm fails to perform as contained in the written contract, the company may pass a lawsuit seeking for damages from the firm. The court decides for such case.

Arbitration is a process by which the determination of the outcome on the disagreement between the opposing parties lies in the hands of an impartial third party called an arbitrator. Unlike the former, arbitrations do not resort to court action.

Mediation is where a third party seeks to help resolve a conflict between the parties involved in a dispute. They help promote dialogue and communication between the opposing sides. It is rather informal as opposed to the first two but is consensual in nature and the conflicting parties get to determine the final output.

Collaborative Law also is an out of court process and aims to determine the problem and address it rather than pint fingers and doing the blame game. Under this process, both parties cannot go to court and should one do so, collaborative law terminates the lawyers and disqualifies them from the case. Each party is expected to disclose facts and information, show respect, jointly cooperate and come up with a feasible agreement to address everyone’s concerns.

Negotiation is a dispute resolution service that resolves the conflict in a manner that is acceptable and reasonable on all parties involved. Under this, each party seeks to persuade the other to understand their point. This is often used in conflicts such as the reduction of a debt, sales price negotiation or in certain clauses of a contract.


Alternative Dispute Resolution